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What is Golden Otter Divinations?

A Golden Otter is my personal totem animal! And guess what? You have one too! Divinations comes from the Latin term "Divinare" (meaning to predict) and is the term used when seeking knowledge of the future or the unknown by supernatural means. Now before we go any farther: I do not, cannot and will not predict your future! I am not a psychic and while I may be able to discern the energy surrounding you and the potential that exists in your present field of reality, I FIRMLY believe that we create our own destiny. Golden Otter® Divinations is a conscious living, education based platform that provides information on the various tools, methods and practices that can empower YOU to create your best life. You are always in control when it comes to partnering with the Divine in the co-creation of your reality. Deep Dive into the Back Story: In the spirit of bridging the practical with metaphysical, Golden Otter pays homage to the author J.K. Rowling who loved to delight her readers with hidden riddles sprinkled throughout her works. Hence the name is a play on a nickname of mine growing up in Alaska (Au + otter= Autter). The atomic symbol for gold + otter = my very own totem animal! Now tell me... what's yours?!?

What is a lunar cycle?

A lunar cycle is the monthly cyclical pattern that the Earth’s only natural satellite, the moon, moves through. There are eight distinct phases the moon moves through indicated by its visibility from Earth. The two most noted phases are the new moon and full moon which alternate every two weeks.

What does manifestation mean?

Energy flows where our attention goes. In this sense, manifestations are the physical or outward signs that we notice or see in our lives that we have consciously or unconsciously created in our field of reality. The bold, the beautiful and the seemingly unbelievable. Manifesting your reality is not difficult. Consciously choosing every day to manifest a positive experience rather than giving away your personal power to external forces or becoming dependent on “luck” can take practice however. When you consistently practice conscious manifestation, you make your own luck:)

What is the connection between the moon and manifesting?

In a bid to control the natural environment, Western culture traditionally encourages a linear conception of life and time. This view inhibits our awareness of the flowing patterns that are inherent in our lives here on Earth. Embedding, monitoring and celebrating lunar cycles in our lives strengthens our personal connection between the moon and manifesting by providing a trackable pattern to help us both participate in, and bare witness to, our manifestations by each phase of the moon anywhere in the world.

What is mediumship?

Mediumship is a sixth sense that when developed and understood works in unison with the five traditional faculties of sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. My ardent belief is that we are all born with these natural gifts and just as we learn as infants to use our five traditional senses (or utilize adaptive resources for any impairments in those abilities), everyone can develop mediumship capabilities. While our physical bodies may only reside on the earth plane for a limited time, our etheric bodies/souls are infinite. With this understanding, the question that remains is: If our corporeal bodies are temporary and our spirit is eternal, how do we connect with our loved ones who have transitioned back to Source? The answer: Mediumship.

When can I start?

The Lunar Manifestations Moon Circle is open to new members year-round! Once you choose your membership path you will begin recieving ritual reminders for the next 12 months. Each month, a few days prior to the new and full moon please check your inbox with how to complete the current lunar cycle ritual as well as how to connect to the live New Moon Intention Planting & Full Moon Manifestation Harvesting Ceremonies. While January is the time of year most Westerners think of when it comes to new beginnings, you can request to join the circle anytime. There are no coincidences when it comes to all things Golden Otter®, only serendipitous sync-ups of Divine timing and universal co-creation. If you're not ready to dive in quite yet, circle back anytime or use your birthday as a entry point to join us as your personal energetic vibration is at it’s highest.